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Fluorescent Sheep, Singing Seals and Red Kites - Isle of Barra and Strathpeffer 2012

15th September 2012

Up at 5am to set off for 2 weeks' holiday to Isle of Barra and then the East coast of Scotland for the second week in Strathpeffer.  Ferry leaves Oban at 3.40pm and arrives at 8.40pm.

Fantastic journey along the length of Loch Lomond - will never be able to hearWild Heavenby REM without recalling the loch.

Journey to Oban took 5 hours instead of the recommended 6.  This meant that we actually had time to look around Oban and get some shopping in before getting on the ferry.

We did get a Present

The Powstman did visit our howse yesterday.  He's not frightened tu come tu our howse.  We just sit n watch him puttin fings thru the door. 

Anyway, yesterday, der woz a packet did come - woz addressed tu me verry own self.

Me human sister did say tu me, "Oooh, der'z sumfin here fur you, Sam,"  I gaved her a luk wot sed, 'Well, if it's got my name on it, give it tu me, den.'  Her didn't.  Her did put it on de sideboard in de front sittin room (wot iz kept fur bestest/vizitors) where awl de powst goes.

Winner for May's Competition

The winner of May's competition (answer shown on the competition page) was Sarah U of Leigh-on-Sea.  Sarah chose the black Martingale collar with white Cinderella motifs on it.

Congratualtions, Sarah.  Your collar will be with you soon.

Camping and Exploring with Dogs

We have just received a copy of this book which we ordered a few days ago. So top marks for quick delivery from the publishers.

It contains some very useful information about dog-friendly places to eat and stay and some ideas for day's out in Devon.  There 's also a section on dog-friendly beaches in the area, too, as well as a short version of Eddie and Cat Greyhound's backgrounds (which - as I've mentioned before - is very interesting.)

This is ideal for anyone who is new to visiting the area with their dog(s).

EddieandCat Greyhound

Sam and Lilah's friend Cat Greyhound and her human girl have been very busy making some fantastic tote bags which they are selling.  They have very kindly made one for Sam and Lilah who are very excited about getting such a grrreat bag from their friend:

Cat will also be doing a sponsored walk later in the year.  She is dividing her sponsorship money between 2 charities - the PDSA and a small Greyhound Rescue charity in the local area.  

Cat has a fantastic blog and regularly updates her friends by Facebook and Twitter.

1st Competition Entry

Cat Greyhound was the first person to answer the first ever compeition question.  Because of this, she has won a special prize - a collar of her choice.

The competition is still open as there is another prize of a collar or cushion cover of your choice.  The remaining entries will be placed in a hat and a winner chosen on 1st June.  Please enter - you neve know your luck :)

Free Competition Entry

The first entries for this month's competition have been received.

Please see the compeition page for the question (and a hint) and the form to enter the competition and be in with the chance to win either a collar or a cushion cover of your choice.

Saturday update

Poor Sam - he had been lying on the sofa when Lilah came in and made him move up.  She pinched his warm spot.

One of the few times that Sam hasn't given in whe Lilah's tried to get his spot.

Added a new competition to the site today as well as several new collars. 

We're counting the weeks off until we have a week's holiday, too - 5 weeks to go!

Talk about putting your foot in your mouth!

Sometimes I seriously wonder how sane our dogs are - how on earth Sam can lie asleep like this is completely beyond me :)  Even Lilah's doing an impression of a turtle in the background - using a cushion for her 'shell' :)

Now you know why his nickname's Sammy Sucky Thumb!  And just in case you can't make it out, that's his back foot stuck in his mouth!

At last - it's the start of the long bank holiday weekend - yippee!!!

If the weather stays fine, hopefully we'll get out and about somewhere nice.

Whose the boss?

Been a busy day - making lots of friends on Facebook.

Also have been writing again - first time in a long time.  Will be giving more info on this later.

Today's photos show Lilah (with the comfy cushions) and Sam - having to make do with the old blanky!

Poor Sam :(
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