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Talk about putting your foot in your mouth!

Sometimes I seriously wonder how sane our dogs are - how on earth Sam can lie asleep like this is completely beyond me :)  Even Lilah's doing an impression of a turtle in the background - using a cushion for her 'shell' :)

Now you know why his nickname's Sammy Sucky Thumb!  And just in case you can't make it out, that's his back foot stuck in his mouth!

At last - it's the start of the long bank holiday weekend - yippee!!!

If the weather stays fine, hopefully we'll get out and about somewhere nice.  There are so many lovely places in NE England - Bamburgh (with its castle); Durham (fab walks along riverside); Aysgarth Falls (beautiful countryside with river walks); Low Force and High Force (we often walk from the bottom to the top.)  Even the coastal walk near to our house is lovely.   (If you've ever seen the Great North Run on TV, we live very near to the finish line and Sam and Lilah get walked on the cliff tops - the Leas - twice a day.)

The weekend's just about started - we need to get the grocery shopping - good old Asda - at least it's open late. :)

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