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We did get a Present

The Powstman did visit our howse yesterday.  He's not frightened tu come tu our howse.  We just sit n watch him puttin fings thru the door. 

Anyway, yesterday, der woz a packet did come - woz addressed tu me verry own self.

Me human sister did say tu me, "Oooh, der'z sumfin here fur you, Sam,"  I gaved her a luk wot sed, 'Well, if it's got my name on it, give it tu me, den.'  Her didn't.  Her did put it on de sideboard in de front sittin room (wot iz kept fur bestest/vizitors) where awl de powst goes.

Den, at tea-time me Dad did get home from work.  He had a look at de powst.  "Der'z sumfin here fur yu, Sammy," he did say.  But he never gave me de parcel eever.  He just puttid it back on de sideboard

Me Mam got home at 6pm.  Her nearly forgotted to check de powst, "Oh, der'z sumfin here fur yu, Sam," her sed.

I fort, here we go agen - her'll just put it back on de sideboard.  Her didn't.  Her did take it into de back sittin room (wot iz de fambly room).

Her did put it on de sofa n did say, "Look, Sam.  It's got yur name on  it." 

I did luk and Lilah did luk too.

"Izn't yu gowing to open it?" me Mam asked.  (Reely - her English iz shockin - speshly when her used tu be a lecturer in English!!!)

I gaved her a luk dat sed, 'I'z got pawz.  How'z I suppozed tu open dat.  It'z got sellytape on it n everyfing.'

"Shall I open it fur yu?" her asked den.

I wotched while her did de openin.

Woz a present from me luvverly frend Cat Greyhound.  (Her haz a sooper blog all abowt goin campin wiv yur dogs - campingandexploringwithdogs.blogspot.com - it iz well wurth a luk.)

It woz a luvverly bag wot we can put uz fings in wen we duz go on uz hexploring hexperdishuns.

Fank yu Catty - we duz bow luv de bag wot yu did send!!!!

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